Yamaha Vintage 'CS6x/S80 Trance & Atmos' (Download)

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    Yamaha Vintage "Trance & Atmos" for: 

    • CS6x

    • CS6R

    • S80

    • S30

    Trance & Atmos is a really great synth bank with a lot of sounds for your Yamaha CS6x/CS6R/S80/S30 Synthesizer. It was made by Frank "Xenox" Neumann, a german Trance enthusiast. The result of his programming excess is this set with really cool sounds and great effects out of the synth. Check out his mp3 demos and believe him, you'll get what you hear!"

    This set is useful for Trance, Techno, Electro, Chill Out, Ambient and Popmusic. It contains Trance-Sounds and atmospherice Pads. If you need treny sounds, you'll need this set!

    ℹ️ Since this is a product of our Yamaha Vintage series we'd like to kindly ask you to refer to the ReadMe files for further informations. There you will find all details about the content as well as how to tranfer the content depending on the particular instrument type. In some cases different nowadays less common media types might be necessary i.e. like Floppy Disks or Smart Media Cards respectively a transmission via Bulk Dump will be required. 

    We draw your attention to the fact that we cannot provide any technical support for this Yamaha Vintage series.  

    You will find the ReadMe PDF file as a free download using the tab "Files" below the product image. 

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