MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Xtasyn' (Download)

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     Dance / Trance   Pad & Sequence    FX
    Combinations: (WAV Drumloops & SMF) Demo Song:
     Conbination Demo        Xtasyn

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    MOX / S90XS / MOTIF Rack XS "Xtasyn"

    The content of Xtasyn:

    • 128 Voices
    •   10 Combinations SMF/WAV
    • 225 WAV-Loops

    This soundlibrary has been produced by the synthesizer-specialist and Yamaha Sounddesigner Peter Krischker.

    Xtasyn combines trendy synth sounds and electronic drum sounds in one library.

    Xtasyn mainly covers the genres Dance / Trance / House / Electronica / Pop / Chill Out. The sounds are useful for mainstream-oriented char productions as well as for progressive Dance/Trance/Techno/Electronic tracks.

    Xtasyn offers modern live and studio standards with great playability.

    Xtasyn includes many arpeggio- and stepsequencer sounds, rhythmic gate pads and drum grooves - needed for modern music productions.
    The User-LFO is used to realize the pulsating, „pumping“ and rhythmic synthpads and noise sounds, which can be heard in many Pop/Dance/Trance-productions.

    The controllers like i.e. modulation wheel, knobs, and assignable functions are programmed to provide easy and intutive but partially dramatic sound changings.

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