MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Magical Pads' (Download)

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    Demo Sequences:   
     Magical Pads*  Magical Grooves**
    *The Demo "Magical Pads" has been produced using pad and atmo sounds in Voice Mode.
    **The Demo "Magical Groove" contains pad and atmo sounds as well as sound effects, combined with drums in Multi Mode. The combinations are using drum and synth loops of the EASY SOUNDS CD-ROMs "Mega Arpeggio und "Quick Phrase". The WAV loops used in this demo song are part of the download of this sound library.

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    MOX / S90XS / MOTIF Rack XS "Magical Pads"

    The content of „Magical Pads“:

    • 160 User Voices
    •   31 User Waveforms (130 MB Samples)
    •     9 Drum and Synth Loops (130 bpm) 

    „Magical Pads“ provides mainly warm, analog and atmospheric synth pads, but also sweeps, swells, synth brass, and Atmo/FX sounds.

    Synth pads crop up in lots of synth and sample based libraries but frequently they were programmed with very specific movement included which makes them difficult to use in a professional (“less is more”) setting.

    These pads are not only beautifully constructed, with multiple gentle, wide, fat, and spacious types, the emphasis is musicality rather than opposed to the spectacular.

    The overall character of these pads is influenced by classic vintage synths such as the Jupiter-8, Oberheim Xpander or Polysix, plus new ‘virtual analog' types such as the Nordlead or Virus.

    Magical Pads usability also extends to real time control; in most cases a sound can be morphed from "bright" to "dark" using the mod wheel.

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