MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Live Instruments' (Download)

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    Arranged Demos & Performances: 
     Funky Comp*     MOX, S90XS & MOTIF Rack XS Performances  

    *Performance plus additional Lead Tracks 

       Acoustic Piano    Electic Piano    
       Electic Organ     Brass Section    
       Stringensemble    Melloclone Strings    
       Phat Live Leads    Digital Synths     
    Demo Song - featuring Andrea Pavanello:      
       Rock Live        

    All lead-tracks of the demosongs are played by the Italian keyboarder Andrea Pavanello (Centrica) using the Distorted Leadsynths of this sound sets.  

    Promo Video:                                                   More videos: 

                                              Phat Analog Promo Video                                                                 yt_easy_sounds_channel             

    MOTIF XS / XF / MOXF Live Instruments

    Premium Live Sounds for Pop, Rock, Funk, Entertainment

    The Content of „Live Instruments“:

    • 100 Voices
    •   45 Performances

    The soundset was produced completely by Peter Krischker (Sounddesigner & Synthesizer-Specialist, Member of the international YAMAHA Voicing Team) and Hans-Peter Henkel (alias HaPe).

    „Live Instruments“ incudes a high-quality sound collection covering Piano, E-Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Mellotron, Strings, Brass Section, Synth.

    It provides a very popular selection of instruments used normally by keyboard-player in Rock- and Pop bands.
 Additional to typical live-sounds this sound library includes powerful Rock&Pop drum kits and arpeggio Performances. This way Live Instruments offers also many ways of inspirations, and improvisation as well as basic ideas for music productions.

    Highlights of the soundlibrary:

    • Rock & Pop Piano
    • Electric Piano (Vintage, DX)
    • Clavinet
    • Melloclone Strings
    • Vintage Stringensemble
    • Big Brass Section
    • Distorted Rock-Leads
    • Progressive Analog Leadsynths (Mini Moog Classics / JP-8 Stereo Sync)
    • Legendary Digital Synths
    • Powerful Rock, Pop & Funk Drumkits based on new samples

    A part of the user arpeggios of this soundset are already used in other soundsets.

    The 64 Voices are separated to 4 groups with each 16 voices:

    001 - 016 = Acoustic Piano, Vintage E-Piano, DX E-Piano, Clavinet

    017 - 032 = A100 Organ, Mellotron, Vintage Stringensemble

    033 - 048 = Brass Section und D-50 Digital Synths

    049 - 064 = Progressive Analog Leadsynths und Distorted Rock-Leads

    065 – 100 = Additional Live-Sounds by hape 13 (Keyboard-Sounds, Pads & More)

    Each of the subgroups thus contains a high-quality sound bank, which in itself justifies the purchase price of each already complete product.

    In addition this sound library features 45 new Performances.

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