MOX / MRXS 'Nature of Chill' (Download)

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     Synths & Atmospheres  Keyboards & Guitars

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    MOX / MOTIF Rack XS "Nature Of Chill"

    Content Overview:

    • 128 Synth Voices (USER 1)
    •     4 Drum Voices (USER DR)
    •   32 Performances (USER 1)

    „Nature of Chill“ includes an exquisite collection of Voices and Performances for Chill Out, Lounge, Ambient, Electronic and other stylistics of Popmusic. This breathtaking production offers a very high degree of musical inspiration.

    The soundlibrary was programmed by a professional german sounddesiger-team with the members Matthias Sauer (App Sound), Hans-Peter Henkel (alias HaPe), Tasmodia (Germany) and Peter Krischker (EASY SOUNDS).

    Beside wide, atmospheric pads and spacious leadsynths the 128 voices are offerering many very interesting remakes of traditional instrument sounds like Piano, E-Piano und Guitar. It also features contemporary programming techniques such as gating and wobbling effects.

    The absolute highlight of the sound sets are 32 Performances, where drum grooves, arpeggios, atmospheres, synth leads and keyboard sounds are combined within at extremely inspiring and superbly playable sound structures.

    Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful sounds of the soundset and immerse yourself into the world of „Nature of Chill“.

    Features of „Nature of Chill“:

    • Symbiosis of natural and electronic
    • Cool and inspiring beats
    • Deep Synth Voices
    • Mystical Texture for soundtracks
    • Traditional keyboard sounds
    • Inspired by Balearic Chill Out
    • Useful for live and studio musicians
    • Modern programming techniques like gating and wobbling
    • Mellow styles for lounge fans
    • Great sounds for meditaion
    • Relaxing with smooth grooves
    • Sweet voices for Pop Music

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