MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF 'Energy' (Download)

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     Performances Vol. 1  Performance Vol. 2

     Voices Vol. 1  Voices Vol. 2
     Energy Drums Vol. 1  Energy Drums Vol. 2

    Energy Arrangements:
     Energy Arrangements (130 bpm)   Energy Arrangements (140 bpm)

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    MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Energy"

    The content overview: 

    • 128 Voices (USER 1)
    •     8 Drum Voices  (USER DR)
    •   24 Performances (USER 1)
    • 125 MB Samples
    • 128 User Waveforms
    • 256 User Arpeggios

    „Energy“ includes a brandnew Soundlibrary with Voices, Performances, Samples and Arpeggios for Electronic, Modern Pop, Dance, Dub Step, Electro House and other similar music styles.

    Pure Action: Current stylistics of electronics like Dubstep, Electro House and Complextro affect the pop music massively. ENERGY key elements of this new electronic music are finally available for the MOTIF / MOXF. Rapid arpeggios, wobbling synths and bass and drum beats in variable tempos are essential features.

    A highlight of ENERGY is the Mega Complextro voices, which are unique to a hardware workstation. The target of these voices is to combine the corresponding user arpeggios with the typical fast-changing sounds and wobble basses in different LFO speed.

    Each of the Mega Complextro voices includes velocity zones and key zones with totally  80 (!) different sounds.

    Complextro means turbulent bass lines with rapid sound changes, which are typical of the styles of Dubstep, Electro House and even specifically for Complextro. This harsh and powerful phrases are controlled by User Arpeggios and  playable very flexible.

    For the powerful sound of the 128 voices of ENERGY new user waveforms have been produced with considerable effort.

    For the beats punchy drum samples have been created. For sound effects FX abstract collages, Guitar Hits and Vox Samples were programmed.

    The  256 User Arpeggios of categories bass, synths, drum and FX can be used as an excellent arranging tool for your individual Synth & Groove.

    The 16 performances tempted to jam along and offer a refreshingly individual approach in the dazzling world of new electronic music.

    Whether voice or performance - quiet, atmospheric soundtracks can be just as effective as arrange punchy, creative dance tracks with the soundset.

    ENERGY is the trendy facelift for the MOTIF / MOXF!

    ℹ️  This sound library is available for MOTIF XS, MOTIF XF and MOXF. As follows the requirements to load the content. 

    To load the waveforms and samples of this library the installation of optional DIMM memory moduls of at least 256 MB (2x128 MB) is required.


    The waveforms and samples of this library can be either loaded to the pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional flash memory (Flash Memory Expansion Module, FL512M or FL1024M).


    To load the waveforms and samples of this library the installation of an optional Flash Memory Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is required.

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