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    MONTAGE "Phat Analog III"

    The content of Phat Analog III:

    •      48 Multi Part Performances
    •    128 Single Part Performances
    •        8 Drum Kits 
    •      51 User Waveforms / 128 MB Samples 
    •      48 User Arpeggios (compatible with Phat Analog II)

    "Phat Analog III" was programmed by Richard P James and Peter Krischker. Both are part of the Yamaha Programmer Team responsible for the development of the MONTAGE Factory Performances.

    Phat Analog III is a timeless Performance and Sample library with an emulation of popular sounds from the legendary Juno 60 synthesizer.
    Together with "Phat Analog I and II, this product is the ultimate analog extension for MONTAGE!

    The Juno 60 and the MIDI-fied successor model Juno 106 are among the most popular polyphonic synthesizers of the 80s and have played a major role in the Synth-Pop sound of this epoch.

    Beside the soft and warm analogue sound special features of Juno 60 are the unique Chorus  effect (CHORUS I and CHORUS II), the simultaneous activation of sawtooth and pulse waves, the powerful sub-oscillator's and last but not least the spacious sequencer- and arpeggio sounds.

    All this is revived with "Phat Analog III"! Welcome to the wonderful world of classical analogue synths!

    Apart from the additional Drum Kits, the Performances are based exclusively on the authentic Juno 60 multi samples, which have been faithfully reproduced with considerable effort.

    Special highlights are the first 20 Multi Part Performances with extreme complex Arpeggio arrangements and the first 24 Single Part Performances with super-authentic Juno 60 sounds, in which Reverb- and Delay effects can be switched on with AF1 / AF2.

    The additional User Drum Kits and User Arpeggios are identical to those of the product „Phat Analog II“. This greatly facilitates a combination of both products.

    The soundlibrary "Phat Analog III" is the first MONTAGE / MONTAGE / MOTIF XF / MOTIF XS / MOXF hybrid product. This means with the purchase of one version, you will get free access to all available versions. For example, if you are considering the purchase of the MONTAGE as a MOTIF or MOXF user in the near future, you can download the MONTAGE version at no extra cost already now.

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    This product is designed exclusivele for the Yamaha Synthesizer series like MOTIF, MOXF, MODX and MONTAGE.

    It is not compatible with the Yamaha Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR series!

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