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    MODX "Melodic Techno"

    The Content of Melodic Techno:

    • 164 Performances
    • 51 User Waveforms / 99 MB Samples
    • 256 User Arpeggios

    The sound library „Melodic Techno“ is based on the music styles "Minimal Techno", "Melodic Techno" and related styles. One unique selling point of this product is provided by new Synthesizer waveforms as well as specially processed bass drum samples. Eight vocal phrases complement the user waveform content for added variety. Another focus is set to new User Arpeggios that have been programmed explicitly tailored to the included User Waveforms. A big part of the User Arpeggios is provided in two variants each. One of the variants plays a sequence while operating a single note, while the second is prepared for chord playing.

    32 Multi Part Performances offer a base for jamming, as a source of inspiration and for combining with Parts from other Single Part Performances, from "minimal" to "complex". Four of the Multi Part Performances have been prepared as an 8-part template to work with a DAW and each contains a small project in standard MIDI file format that can be used as a demo or "jump start" for a project of its own. In addition, the demo project can be played directly on the instrument as an audition demo (button [AUDITION]).

    All Multi and Single Part Performances were programmed beside Super Knob assignments with individually assigned and independently working Common and Part Assignable Knobs. This allows extensive access to a variety of parameters directly from the user interface of the instrument. It provides ideal conditions to individually tweak the sound sequences during "jamming". The intensive sound processing during the performance is an essential element of the styles "Minimal Techno" and "Melodic Techno". Many Performances have also been programmed with Motion Sequences to automate controller movements.

    Some of the Performances are also based on the powerful FM-X sound engine of MODX. 

    Product Features:

    • 164 new Performances, programmed on style by an experienced team
    • Distinctive user waveforms to complement the preset waveforms
    • Individually programmed User Arpeggios
    • Assignable Knobs programmed independently from the Super Knob
    • Motion Sequences for controller automation 

    ‼️ Important note:

    This sound library requires MODX operating system OS v1.1 or higher.

    Updates are available using the following link:

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