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    MODX "Magic Vox"

    The Content of "Magic Vox":

    • 128 Performances
    • 132 User Waveforms /162 MB Samples
    • 256 User Arpeggios

    "Magic Vox" is a product with a new sound concept that focuses on vocals in different forms: as Vocal Arpeggios - optionally with Vocoder insert, as Formant Pads like FS1R and as Vocal-FX-Atmospheres based on the Granular Synthesis. The Multi Part Performances merge the different components into a complex soundscape.

    Product Features:

    • Arpeggio-controlled Vocal Phases, which are controlled with the Vocoder effect and other sound parameters. With the Super Knob and the Assignable Knobs morphings from the original Vocal sound to a Vocoder sound are possible.
    • Vocal Pads and Synth Choirs multisamples created using the Formant synthesis of the legendary Yamaha FS1R synthesizer. This type of sound, previously missing in MONTAGE / MODX, provides an optimal complement to the conventional AWM2 and FM-X instrument and synth sounds of MONTAGE / MODX.
    • Atmospheres and Musical Soundeffects created by complex audio editing of vocal samples using the Granular Synthesis combined with Time-Stretching and Formant Shifting. This results in strange Vocal atmospheres that revive the sound in a unique way.
    • Complex Multi Part performances, in which the different sound syntheses and the Vocal Phrases - partly with Vocoder use – are combined with Drums, Bass, Instruments and Synths. The Multi Part Performances with the name suffix "SPL" are style-oriented splits (LEFT = Backing Parts, RIGHT = Lead Parts.) The Multi Part Performances partly use also modified parts of Preset Performances or Performances of other EASY SOUNDS Libraries such as FM-Xperience.
    • Extensive use of the MONTAGE / MODX Motion Control (Realtime Control with Assignable Knobs and Super Knob, Motion Sequences, AF1 & 2, etc.). The Common Assignable Knobs have been named in all Performances. The Knobs 1 - 4 are usually used independently of the Super Knob, while the Knobs 5 - 8 are controlled by the Super Knob.

    ‼️ Important note:

    This sound library requires MODX operating system OS v1.10.0 or higher.

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