MODX 'Live Instruments' (Download)

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    Multi Part Performance Demos: 

     MPP Demo 1     MPP Demo 2    


    Single Part Performance Demos:       

      Rock/Pop Piano S6     Electic Organ A100    Digital Synths
      Rock/Pop Piano CF3     Big Brass Section    Prog. Lead Synths
       Vintage & DX E-Piano    Melloclone Strings    Distorted Lead Synths
       Clavinet    Vint. Stringensemble    Rock/Pop/Funk Kits


    Demo Songs - featuring Andrea Pavanello:      

       Centrica    ParachutingXperience    Rock Live
       Prog Rock        

    All lead-tracks of the demosongs are played by the Italian keyboarder Andrea Pavanello (Centrica) using the Distorted Leadsynths of this sound sets.  

    Promo Video:                                                    More videos: 

                                              Phat Analog Promo Video                                                                 yt_easy_sounds_channel             

    MODX Live Instruments - Premium Live Sounds für Pop, Rock, Funk, Entertainment

    The Content of „Live Instruments“:

    •   48 Multi Part Performances
    • 100 Single Part Performances 
    •   24 Drum Kits
    •   24 User Waveforms / 128 MB Samples 
    • 256 User Arpeggios

    „Live Instruments“ incudes a high-quality sound collection covering Piano, E-Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Mellotron, Strings, Brass Section, Synth.

    It provides a very popular selection of instruments used normally by keyboard-player in Rock- and Pop bands.
 Additional to typical live-sounds this sound library includes powerful Rock&Pop drum kits and arpeggio Performances. This way Live Instruments offers also many ways of inspirations, and improvisation as well as basic ideas for music productions.

    • Rock _ Pop Piano

    • Electric Piano (Rhodes, DX)

    • Clavinet

    • Mellotron
    • Big Brass Section

    • Distorted Rock-Leads

    • Progressive Analog-Leadsynths (Mini Moog Classics / JP-8 Stereo Sync)
    • Legendäre D50-Sounds like Fantasy Bell, Staccato Heaven...

    • Vintage Stringensemble

    The MODX-version of this sound library is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF series. Over and above that, this version was significantly newly developed using new features of MODX like Super Knob and other features of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. All Performances except for the Drum Kits contain a Super Knob assignment. The Multi Part Performances are programmed containing up to eight scenes and up to eight parts.

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