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Customer Information about the shop handover

(Sent as Newsletter to all registered EASY SOUNDS customers (1.4.2020)





Dear customer,

with this newsletter I would like to inform you about an important change regarding the EASY SOUNDS shop I have been running for more than 30 years.

On April 1, 2020, the shop was taken over by Hans-Peter Henkel („HaPe“). For regular readers of our Music Production Guide, a separate introduction of HaPe is certainly not necessary.

HaPe should be well known to most customers by now. He has been involved in the production of all new

EASY SOUNDS Sound Libraries for many years. Moreover, he had already taken over the support and a large part of the sales processing in the previous EASY SOUNDS shop some time ago.

The takeover of the EASY SOUNDS shop is also associated with the introduction of a new shop system that better meets today‘s requirements. The shop is still available via the domain www.easysounds.de and via the new domain www.easysoundsshop.de

However, the transfer of customer data is not possible for legal reasons. I therefore ask all existing customers

to register in the new shop as soon as possible for their next orders. If you also register there for the EASY SOUNDS newsletter, you will receive a voucher of 20 EUR for your next order - in addition to the sales-related shopping cart discount.

The new EASY SOUNDS newsletter will also inform about the release of the Yamaha Music Production Guide. All previous newsletter subscribers have already been informed via a corresponding e-mail.

The new EASY SOUNDS shop will - at least for now - exclusively offer products for Yamaha synthesizers and keyboards.

The shop relaunch also means that product downloads cannot be guaranteed for previous orders in the long term. As mentioned in the download e-mails, you should make a secure backup after each purchase. If this has not been done so far, you still have the possibility until May 31, 2020 to request download links of your previous orders or at least a copy of the invoices as proof of purchase based on the customer data still available in the previous shop. As of June 1, 2020 this will no longer be possible, as we are not entitled to store customer data of the previous shop, which will then finally expire. All customer data of this shop will be deleted as of June 1, 2020.

If necessary, please send any relevant requests to


Finally, a personal note. Despite the shop transfer, I will remain available to you as EASY SOUNDS owner, sound designer, and manufacturer of EASY SOUNDS products. This enables me to make a long-cherished wish come true: to have more time for my creative work.


With kindest regards

Peter Krischker


YAMAHA Music Production Guide (deutsch)

Am Langberg 97a
21033 Hamburg